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Students, Graduates, & Families

This year we are proud to serve 118 fourth through eighth grade students in our school program, 278 high school and post-secondary age youth in our unique graduate support program, and over 275 families in our wrap around student & family services.

The mission of De Marillac Academy is focused on providing students, graduates and their families an innovative, comprehensive and accessible education so that they may be agents in the transformation of their communities and the world beyond. Here is a snapshot of the demographics student, graduates and families we serve:

How many students, graduates and families do we serve? 
– 118 4th through 8th grade students
– 278 high school and post-secondary age
– 278 families served all together

What is the gender and ethnic breakdown of our school population?

What neighborhoods do our families live in?




What is the income level of our families according to Federal Poverty Standards?


Where do our graduates attend high school?