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De Marillac Academy’s desired impact is that our graduates successfully complete high school with the skills, supports, and self-awareness to pursue the next productive life choice.  Our school’s proven successes are embodied in the young men and women who are achieving educational success beyond De Marillac.


De Marillac Academy High School Graduation rates vs. SFUSD
DMA Class of 2010 (High School Graduation 2014) 91%
SFUSD Class of 2014 82%
Latino Students in SFUSD Class of 2014 68%
DMA Cumulative graduation/still enrolled rate 87%



College Enrollment/Completion
National College Enrollment 2012 (all ethnicities, youth 18-24) 41%
Latino enrollment 2012 (youth 18-24) 32%
DMA Class of 2008 89%
Current total DMA college enrollment and completion (youth 18-24) 64%