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Welcome to De Marillac Academy!

De Marillac Academy is a Catholic school with related youth and family programs located in the heart of San Francisco’s Tenderloin Neighborhood. At De Marillac Academy, we change the life trajectory for children and youth growing up in challenging circumstances. We strive to level the educational and socioeconomic playing field so that our students and graduates reach their full potential. De Marillac Academy is “a miracle in the Tenderloin!”

We appreciate your interest in our school, youth development and family support programs. We invite you to come see for yourself what sets us apart.


Students, Graduates, Families

  • – 119 students, grades 4-8
  • – 278 high school and post-secondary age graduates
  • – over 230 families served by our unique wrap around clinical and family support services
  • – Diverse school population, which includes 67% Latino, 23% Asian Pacific Islander, 6% multiracial, 3% Asian, and 1% African-American

School & Graduate Support Program

  • – 12:1 student-teacher ratio
  • – 9-hour day and extended school year, summer camp, and summer school
  • – 278 alumni served by the Graduate Support Program
  • – Monthly meeting with parents and families
  • – Graduate Support Program provides year-round individual and family counseling, academic advising, financial support, and other youth development activities to assure youth success through high school and beyond