6th Graders Walk to Asian Art Museum for Social Studies Lesson

On Wednesday, January 25, the 6th grade walked around the corner and down the street to the Asian Art Museum on 200 Larkin Street.  6th Grade Teacher, Ms. Mary Gerlomes, explained, “The students were excited to walk to the museum and have exposure to cultural and religious practices in India…Buddhism in particular.  They learned about the life and moral teachings of the Buddha, and it allowed them to connect moral teachings that they are learning about at De Marillac Academy with an ancient civilization.  Students were so intrigued about the stories behind the statues of the deities.  This field trip is linked to our Schoolwide Learning Expectations because this is an opportunity to, ‘display gratitude by respecting the diversity of individuals of all cultures and backgrounds.'”


Posted on: January 25th, 2017

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