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A Reflection on Freshman Year

CC ’17 | Saint Mary’s College High School

At De Marillac Academy (DMA), our relationship with our students continue throughout high school and college. As the 2017-2018 school year wrapped up, our Graduate Support Program met with alumni and their families to check in on their experience and prepare for the next school year. Graduate CC took the time to share with us her experience as a freshman at Saint Mary’s College High School.

Now that you’re done with your freshman year, can you look back and reflect on what that transition was like coming from DMA? Did you have any fellow DMA friends with you at St. Mary’s College?

No one from my class had applied so I was alone, it was kind of boring for the first two weeks, because I didn’t know anyone. I did go to the summer school so it did help me meet people. It was still boring because I didn’t have the people I was used to or that I had known for a long time. Everyone was very nice though, we were polite and shy to each other in the beginning but now we are closer and mess around, and joke and stuff.

Do  you have to wear a uniforms at school?

No, but we have a very strict dress code. – no ripped jeans, minimal arms and neck showing.

How did you adjust to free dress in high school?

It was kind of hard for me, having to create an identity through clothes.  I didn’t know how to do that because for many years I had to wear a uniform. My friends and I laugh about it sometimes with the outfits I come up with.

Did you feel like going to summer school you were prepared academically? And What classes did you take in summer school?

Yes, I felt prepared for high school. In summer school I took mechanics and math.

Did you notice anything different in yourself as a student from eighth grade to freshman year? Did you feel like you grew or saw school differently?

I definitely started to pay more attention because I realized how important education was. In 8th grade I was kind of slacking on my homework and I realized that if I did that in high school, it gets me off track and at the end of the trimester I’m trying to get my grades back up and it’s already too late. That’s a lesson I learned, or that was reinforced in high school.

In addition to that, is there anything you would tell the incoming 8th graders as food for thought? Whether it’s something about checking yourself personally, academics, or making friends?

So, if a teacher assigns a reading homework, it doesn’t mean there is no homework, you should actually do the reading! And it’s gonna be your first year in high school so you will want to push back the drama out of the classroom so you can focus.

What are some things you missed or didn’t miss when comparing middle school vs. high school?

I do miss having uniforms, some mornings it can be a struggle to have to put an outfit together. A pro and a con is that we have different start times. We start later than DMA, but it’s not consistent, sometimes we start at 8 sometimes we start at 9…so that was kind of confusing; but I don’t miss starting school at 7,  that was kind of rough. But it has made me a morning person, and it’s still a habit to wake up early.

Last year for our Annual Scholarship Benefit, you were apart of our DREAM project where you wrote about what you wanted to be when you grow up. Has your career choice changed with the influence of your new school and or classes?

Yes, last year, I originally wanted to be a police officer but then changed it to a movie director because for the DREAM project we had to bring in a prop and I didn’t have any props for a police officer so I just chose a director on a whim. Now, I still want to be a director, and I’m excited to join the theater class, so that should be fun.

Great! Any other elective classes you enjoy or classes that you are looking forward to as a sophomore? 

I’m looking forward to taking classes with older students, or having mixed classes. Next year I’ll be in an advanced Spanish class, so that should be fun. Also, like I mentioned, I am looking forward to joining the Theater class. I am also playing volleyball and softball.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience? 

I enjoyed the diversity of the school… and I guess that’s it.

Awesome. Thank you for your time and hope you have a great sophomore year!

Thank you! I look forward to being a sophomore.


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Posted on: July 13th, 2018

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