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Feature Article About De Marillac Academy in Saint Mary’s College Annual Report

The success of De Marillac Academy students and graduates is the subject of Lasallian research conducted by a Saint Mary’s College team, led by Educational Leadership Professor Rebecca Proehl.  In an 80-page paper, “De Marillac Academy: Perseverance, Purpose, and Promise,” the researchers document the school’s use of the concept of grit, measured by student traits like curiosity, character, perseverance, and interest in long-term goals. The two most outstanding factors, said Proehl, are the school’s focus on perseverance and the student’s tendency to persevere.  Proehl plans to continue her research, and will write a book about the school that is known as “a miracle in the Tenderloin.”

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Posted on: October 24th, 2016

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