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Inspiring young scientists one lab coat at a time!


On December 15, right before De Marillac students and teachers left for winter break, our school was selected to receive new DMA branded science lab coats, goggles, and science career books.

Project SCIFI (Scientific Coat Initiative for Future Innovators) is a nonprofit whose mission is to promote scientific passion for higher education by providing teachers and educators the necessary tools for hands-on scientific instruction. Additionally, their hope is that this will spark a supportive, mentor-mentee community of like-minded, young scientists.

Led by an all-volunteer organization of students and scientists whose personal experiences led them to pursue careers in science, this idea of “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” inspired this lab coat initiative of providing students the opportunity to realize that a career in science is a tangible path.

As Project SCIFI’s team member Michael Leone puts it:

 ” My feelings towards science changed in 10th grade when my chemistry teacher gave me the opportunity to go to the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine at UCLA. Still not strongly considering science or medicine at the time, I opted to go, reasoning that two weeks away from home would be two weeks well spent. Little did I know that within those two weeks, my feelings towards science would change, largely due to the fact that I couldn’t get the feeling of wearing a white lab coat during some hospital/laboratory field trips out of my mind. Strangely, the simple act of wearing a lab coat gave me the feeling that a career in something that I thought was so out of reach was actually more attainable than I had originally thought.”


If you have ever visited De Marillac Academy and taken our student- led tour, then you should know that one of the consistent praises we hear from our students is that science with Mr. Lee is their favorite class. Students are always eager to share their latest science experiment. So when these fresh coats arrived, both staff and students were excited to try them on and get to work!

Science Teacher Charles Lee and Project SCIFI Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Shashank Patil

Thanks again Project SCIFI! Thank you for passing on the dream to our students, valuing their efforts and passions; and taking the time to get to know our students.

Posted on: January 19th, 2018

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