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Where are they now? A look at our Featured Artists

We are excited to announce this year’s featured artist for our 11th Annual Scholarship Benefit – Oliver Chanax, class of 2012. Oliver has circled back to De Marillac as a volunteer assistant teacher for the art enrichment class. He is currently studying Graphic Design at City College of San Francisco and hopes to gain professional experience in a number of arenas, with sights on working in animation for a major company such as Pixar.

At De Marillac, we emphasize this notion of community and family that takes on many forms of support beyond graduating. Being a featured artist is an honor that has helped our Alumni advance their career in the arts; and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to reconnect with them. In the spirit of celebrating another year of partnered success in providing opportunity for De Marillac’s students and families; here are the featured artists from the previous years, and a glimpse of what they are up to now.

Ana Karen, class of 2004, is a studio artist making appearances in art galleries throughout the bay area. Her latest appearance was at the Purple Waves Art Show, a music and art show featuring Silicon Valley Artists. Ana Karen has graced us again with her unique, vibrant art available at this year’s art auction.

Kimberly Pirring, class of 2005 has been pursuing her career as both a free- lance graphic designer and contributor towards big brand names such as Walmart, Benefit Cosmetics, and currently Charlotte Russe. You can catch Kimberly’s portforlio on her website at

Josephine Alonzo, Class of 2007, started her own business, Radiant Azaela, which is rooted in her passion for designing children’s clothing and accessories. She is driven by her desire to build an empowering future for her daughter. You can follow her work on Etsy: RadiantAzalea

We hope to see you at this year’s Annual Scholarship Benefit, you won’t want to miss out on the growing talent! RSVP HERE.


Posted on: February 24th, 2017

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