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Q&A: Talking with Voices of Vision Student Editors

Our 8th Grade Class released its anthology, Voices of Vision at this year’s Annual Scholarship Benefit. In celebration of this huge accomplishment we sat down with the student editors, Kierce and Nicole, to chat about the project and their experience as editors. Voices of Vision is available for purchase by emailing or calling 415.552.5220 x401.

Tell me about the anthology project and the unit on poetry.
K: learned two different types of comparisons: similes and metaphors. We all wrote poems that were from personal experiences, memories, etc. As a class, we learned about the importance of poetry and how we can feel completion from finishing a poem. Finishing each poem makes us feel proud.

N: The anthology project was an opportunity to voice out our beliefs as not only a class community, but as individuals. The 8th grade unit on poetry taught all of us that our voice is not something we should ignore. Our voice has the power to enunciate the problems in the world and act on them. It also was a way to let our voices be heard in this world, as the title of the anthology is Voices of Vision. I am proud of my classmates and I know that they will carry out their voices throughout their lives so that others can hear it.

Describe your role as student editor.
K: As student editors, our job was to make sure that there were no grammar and punctuation errors. We made sure that this poetry book was spot on and it was going to be a success. I’m proud that I was able to edit this year’s anthology and I am proud to be a part of the class of 2019.

N: Our role as student editors was to review our classmates’ work. Not only were we looking for some refinements, but we took the time to appreciate our classmates’ voices and how they used it to create beautiful pieces of poetry.

What lessons did you learn from the project and serving as the student editors?
K: I admit, I learned a lot from this project and serving as a student editor. Besides correcting a punctuation error or change a word for it to make more sense, I also was able to read my classmates’ poems. My classmates and I wrote an amazing anthology filled with our own personal experiences, memories, and dreams for the future. I learned a lot from the process of writing poetry but also editing all the poems. It helped me as a person because I improved my ability to correct any mistakes and I was able to read poems from my classmates.

N: I learned many things from the experience of editing and from the project in general. I learned that we should share our voices to the world. Our voices have the power to create a change, seeing the work that my classmates put together. If we make a change using what we believe in: problems like bullying, religious persecution, homelessness, etc. then we can do something about those modern day problems in our world.

You have published work! That’s exciting. How does that make you feel?
K: At first, I was very nervous about writing poetry. Throughout this year, I was able to build up my confidence. This year’s anthology will forever hold a special place in my heart because it is filled with marvelous poems written by me and classmates. Being able to say that we wrote those poems makes me feel proud. The work we put in these past months has been worth it.

N: My classmates and I should be proud of our work. This assures us that our voices will be heard by the world and many people across the globe. The reader also inspires our work to continue given that we witness the problems we address in our poems every day. Our voices published in a book, it’s unbelievable, but I knew we all were capable of doing it. Not alone, but together. The idea of our voices in one book has the capability to make a change.

What has this project meant to you?
K: This project means a lot to me. Not only did I learn how to write poems, I learned that I can write poems so that I can clear my head and so that I can write my own thoughts on paper.

N: This project means many things to me. It helped me hear the voices of people other than myself and I was also able to have the honor of looking at my classmates’ work. It means a lot to me that we were able to create a book that was published so that other people can hear our voices.

Is there anything else you would like to share about this experience?
K: This experience has helped me as a person. The opportunity to write our very own poetry books is an astounding opportunity and I am grateful.

N: This experience developed my character. It helped me grow by seeing my classmates’ insight on the world. I hope to bring their words with me beyond De Marillac and especially during graduation.


Posted on: March 20th, 2019

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