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Remembering Sylvia Chase (1938-2019)


De Marillac Academy staff and students mourn the passing of Sylvia Chase, a news anchor, award-winning journalist, and longtime champion of De Marillac Academy.

Sylvia was an extraordinary trailblazer in the journalistic world, but De Marillac will remember her most for her strong commitment to our students. She modeled courage, sought truth in the world, and advocated wholeheartedly for justice – especially for children. Her kindness, clever storytelling and positive attitude made a huge impact on our students.

“Ms. Chase made it fun to learn about different topics. As a reporter, she knew how to make us understand any topic,” recalled 7th grade student Katia. “She also showed me that if you work hard, you can achieve many things.”

Sylvia embodied this year’s school theme, “The Work is Ours”. Her life demonstrated for our students the very definition of life-long learning and service. “Ms. Chase taught me many useful lessons that I surely won’t forget. She was full of wisdom and was a great person to be around,” said Jonathan, a 7th grade De Marillac student who worked with her.

Sylvia first walked through the school’s gate in 2010, and in her own words was dazzled by what she discovered, “a sparkling jewel in a worn-out setting”. From that day on, she has been one of our most loyal and valuable volunteers and benefactors.

“When I first came to De Marillac Academy as a teacher, Sylvia quickly became one of my own most valuable teachers,” said Katherine Corio, 4th grade lead teacher. “Her love of learning radiated through our hallways, and the students and I could never get enough of her storytelling.”

Her admiration for De Marillac can be seen in a film she wrote and produced titled A Dream Come True, which features one De Marillac family. Sylvia was also featured in the Stories of De Marillac video campaign, which highlighted stories of our vibrant community.

Links to the two videos can be found below.
Sylvia Chase Backstory
Sylvia Chase Interview

In Sylvia’s presence was such a wonderful place to be. She will be greatly missed.

The Sylvia Chase Legacy Education Fund has been set up at De Marillac Academy to honor Sylvia. Gifts made to this fund will support fellowship opportunities for our students and graduates as they chase their dreams in the areas of communication/language arts, broadcast and journalism.

Make a gift today to the Sylvia Chase Legacy Education Fund.

Posted on: January 17th, 2019

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