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School’s In Session!

First week of school is in full effect!

It’s so nice to hear the buzz, chatter, and laughter of children on campus after a quiet summer. 4th grade lead teacher, Ms. Dzida, took our newest Saints around school to show them the ins and outs of De Marillac via scavenger hunt. Two of our newest Saints, Sergio and Mia, gave us a little insight as to what their first day felt like.

Sergio, 4th Grade

Mia, 4th Grade

How was your first day? What was the best part?

S: It was great! I was kind of nervous. The best part was meeting my teacher.

M: My first day was good. The best part was meeting my new friends and teacher.

If anything could be different what would you change?

M: I wouldn’t change anything.

S: Me neither!

How was the food yesterday? I heard you guys had chicken and waffles…are you the type to eat them together or separately?


M: I like mine separate..

S: Yea, Separate…

What do you like so far?

S: I like the science room!

M: I like..uhhhh.. everything!

What are you still unsure or nervous about?

S: Hmmm.. nothing.

M: *nodding in agreement*

Is there anything you’re most excited about? 

S: Doing science stuff.

M: I’m excited about going into 5th grade…

Did you have a uniform at your last school? How do you like wearing one everyday? 

M: Yea, we wore a uniform at my last school. I like it because it makes it easy to get ready in the morning. And you don’t have to wash more and more or go shopping.

S: Umm, it’s like my everyday uniform, but my shirt is white not red.

So you’re saying you wear clothes like your uniform on a regular basis? 

S: Yea. *nods head proudly*

I remember when I was going back to school, shopping for supplies was my favorite part…are there any supplies you get really excited about? 

M: Every time we go shopping for school supplies, my mom gets me a slime kit so I can make slime.  I also like when we get led pencils.

S: I like slime too and I like led pencils too. I really like this one *shows me his led pencil*

And finally, What is your favorite school subject? 

M: Math.

S: I love science.


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Posted on: August 18th, 2017

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