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Year End Wrap Up

This first year in the LeRoy Neiman Art Studio at De Marillac has been a very productive one. The students put a lot of effort into their projects and created some beautiful and engaging art. Much of that art will be coming home with the students at the end of school but a few of the projects may be missing for some of the students. That art was chosen to represent the art classes and was framed and hung on the walls at school. Some of it went up for sale during the Annual Scholarship Benefit and earned over $3,700 toward that fund and every piece was sold! The students who contributed their art should be very proud.

We also had one of our parents join the enrichment class when we worked on glass mosaics. Magdalena Macias created several beautiful pieces including the stunning box pictured. We welcome any parents who would like to drop in and take a class or work on individual projects independently.

I would like to thank Amy Tamayo DMA class of 2013 for doing the Spanish translation for the Art Blog this year. She was a big help!

I would like to thank the staff, teachers, parents and students of De Marillac Academy for all of your support this year. I look forward to new art adventures with you in the fall!

Rebecca Shannon


RM Macias and Flextangle 002 M Macias and Flextangle 001 4th grade animals 001 4th grade animals 003 4th grade animals 005 4th grade animals 006Birdhouses 5th grade 002 Birdhouses 5th grade 004Madonna Shrines, flowers 005 Madonna Shrines, flowers 006 Madonna Shrines, flowers 007 Madonna Shrines, flowers 008 Madonna Shrines, flowers 009 Madonna Shrines, flowers 010 Madonna Shrines, flowers 011

Posted on: June 11th, 2015



It’s All Greek to Me!

The Sixth Graders have been studying ancient Greece. In art we talked about the different Greek gods and what they represented and each student chose a god or goddess to draw on their “urn”. There aren’t any paintings that survived the centuries but the ancient Greeks loved to decorate their pottery with pictures of mythology, battles and scenes from everyday life. From these beautiful scenes we get a feeling for what was important to that civilization as well as the development of their art. Symmetry and perfection in their pottery were highly prized.

Los alumnos del grado seis han estado estudiando la antigua Grecia. En el arte hablamos de los diferentes dioses griegos y lo que representaban. Cada alumno eligió un dios o una diosa para dibujar en su “urna”. No hay pinturas que sobrevivieron los siglos, pero los antiguos griegos amaban decorar su cerámica con imágenes de la mitología, las batallas y escenas de la vida cotidiana. A partir de estas escenas hermosas obtenemos una idea de lo que era importante en la civilización, así como el desarrollo de su arte. La simetría y perfección en su cerámica eran muy apreciados.
  • Translated by Amy Tamayo DMA Class of 2013

DMA March 039 - Copy DMA March 038 - Copy DMA March 037 - Copy DMA March 036 - Copy DMA March 035 - Copy DMA March 034 - Copy DMA March 033 - Copy DMA March 032 - Copy

Posted on: April 28th, 2015



Learning to Shade

The 4th Graders have been learning how to use shading in their drawings. Shading adds dimension, light and shadow to a drawing or painting. They first drew a self portrait in chalk pastel blending warm or cool color families for their skin tones. Next they tackled the difficult task of shading geometric shapes. For their final project they drew a geometric person using the standard proportions of an adult human, shading in the different shapes within the figure.

Los estudiantes de cuarto grado han estado aprendiendo cómo utilizar el sombreado en sus dibujos. El sombreado añade dimensión, luz y sombra a un dibujo o pintura. Primero sacaron un autorretrato en tiza pastel mezclando familias de colores cálidos o frescos para sus tonos de piel. Después abordan la tarea difícil de sombrear formas geométricas. Para su proyecto final dibujaron una persona geométrica usando las proporciones estándar de un ser humano adulto, protegiéndose en las diferentes formas dentro de la figura.
  • Translated by Amy Tamayo DMA Class of 2013

DMA March 001 DMA March 002 DMA March 003 DMA March 004 DMA March 005 DMA March 006DMA art March 016DMA art March 017DMA art March 018DMA March 023DMA March 022DMA March 021


Posted on: April 28th, 2015



Fill In The Blank

The 7th Graders used their drawing and shading skills to create a partial self portrait in pencil. Using special measuring and guide techniques, the students filled in the missing half of their photograph, then used their pencils to shade the drawing to match.

DMA art March 001 DMA art March 002 DMA art March 003 DMA art March 004 DMA art March 005 DMA art March 006 DMA art March 007 DMA art March 008

Posted on: April 28th, 2015



Lunar New Year Dragons

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Graders are welcoming in the Lunar New Year with dragon themed art. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a symbol of power, strength and good luck. Dragons are also a symbol of rain, something we are in need of in the Bay Area. Here’s hoping this wonderful dragon art will attract power, strength, good luck and rain to all of us in the Lunar New Year!

Quinto, sexto, séptimo y octavo grado están dando la bienvenida al Año Nuevo Lunar con el dragón temático del arte. En la mitología China, el dragón es un símbolo del poder, fuerza y buena suerte. Los dragones son también un símbolo de la lluvia, algo que están en necesidad de en el área de la bahía. Aquí está la esperanza de este arte maravilloso dragón atraerá la energía, la fuerza, la buena suerte y la lluvia para todos nosotros en el Año Nuevo Lunar!
  • Translated by Amy Tamayo DMA Class of 2013

The fifth graders worked together to make this beautiful paper dragon that hangs in the lobby. They used primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (green, orange and purple) colors and tissue paper to decorate paper plates to form the body. Other paper plates were used to form the head, feet and tail. They were joined together with cord to form a lucky Lunar New Year Dragon.

Los alumnos de quinto grado trabajaron juntos para hacer de este hermoso dragón de papel que cuelga en el vestíbulo. Utilizaron primario (rojo, azul, amarillo) y secundaria (verde, naranja y morado) colores y papel de seda para decorar platos de papel para formar el cuerpo. Otros platos de papel se utilizaron para formar la cabeza, los pies y la cola. A ellos se unieron junto con el cable para formar una suerte del Año Nuevo Lunar del Dragón.
  • Translated by Amy Tamayo DMA Class of 2013



Collaborative Dragon 001 Collaborative Dragon 002


The sixth graders created paintings of dragons of their own design. Each student made a list of attributes and habitats for their dragon and then tried to depict those choices in their art. They created the mixed media pictures with pencil, marker, colored pencils and watercolor.

Los alumnos del grado 6 crearon pinturas de dragones de su propio diseño. Cada estudiante hizo una lista de atributos y hábitats para su dragón y luego trató de representar esas decisiones en su arte. Ellos crearon las imágenes de técnica mixta con lápiz, rotulador, lápices de colores y acuarela.
  • Translated by Amy Tamayo DMA Class of 2013
Mosaic making and dragon art 007


Mosaic making and dragon art 008


Mosaic making and dragon art 009


Mosaic making and dragon art 010


Mosaic making and dragon art 011


Mosaic making and dragon art 012


Mosaic making and dragon art 015



The seventh graders made beautiful embossed copper dragon flies that now hang from the light fixtures and decorate the windows in the art studio.

Los alumnos de séptimo grado hicieron hermosas libélulas cobre repujado que ahora cuelgan de las instalaciones de luz y decoran las ventanas en el estudio de arte.
  • Translated by Amy Tamayo DMA Class of 2013

Hearts, dragonflies and stippling 023 Hearts, dragonflies and stippling 022 Hearts, dragonflies and stippling 021 Hearts, dragonflies and stippling 020 Hearts, dragonflies and stippling 019

The eighth graders worked with charcoal to create these Dragon Eye drawings. Charcoal is a tricky medium to work with but they did a terrific job shading, adding highlights and texturing their drawings.

Los estudiantes del grado 8 trabajaron con carbón para crear estos dibujos de Dragon Eye. El carbón vegetal es un medio difícil de usar pero hicieron un sombreado magnífico, añadió luces y textura a los dibujos.
  • Translated by Amy Tamayo DMA Class of 2013
Dragon Eye 005


Dragon Eye 002


Dragon Eye 003


Dragon Eye 004


Dragon Eye 005



Posted on: February 19th, 2015



Hark, the Herald Angels Sing

December projects 047

4th Grade Angels

The 4th and 6th graders made beautiful paper angels in celebration of Christmas. Each angel has it’s own personality, just like the artists who made them.

Los alumnos de cuarto y sexto hicieron hermosos ángeles de papel en la celebración de la Navidad. Cada ángel tiene su propia personalidad, al igual que los artistas que las hicieron.

Translation by Amy Tamayo DMA 2013



6th grade angels 002

6th Grade Angels

December projects 049 December projects 050 6th grade angels 004 6th grade angels 003

Posted on: January 27th, 2015



Let it Snow!

It may be raining in San Francisco but that doesn’t stop the 4th Graders from imagining jumping into a fluffy snowdrift. The students created a scenic backdrop and cut up tiny pieces of paper snow to create these charming snow globe Christmas ornaments.

Puede estar lloviendo en San Francisco, pero eso no impide los estudiantes de 4to grado de imaginar saltando en un montón de nieve esponjosa. Los estudiantes crean un telón de fondo escénico y cortan pequeños trozos de nieve de papel para crear estos encantadores globos de nieve adornos de Navidad.

Translation By Amy Tamayo DMA 2013


4th grade snow globe 002 4th grade snow globe 003

Posted on: January 27th, 2015



Ohlone Mythological Animals

The Coyote, Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and Hummingbird are important animals to the Ohlone people of Northern California and figure prominently in their myths and tales.  To honor the native people of the San Francisco Bay Area during the Thanksgiving holidays the 4th graders learned some of the stories and made chalk pastel drawings of the four animals.

El Coyote, águila, halcón peregrino y el colibrí son animales importantes para los Ohlone del norte de California y ocupan un lugar destacado en sus mitos y cuentos. En honor a los pueblos nativos de la Bahía de San Francisco durante las vacaciones de Acción de Gracias los estudiantes del cuarto grado aprendieron algunas de las historias e hicieron dibujos al pastel tiza de los cuatro animales.

Translation by Amy Tamayo DMA 2013


$th Grade Ohlone Animals 001


$th Grade Ohlone Animals 002


$th Grade Ohlone Animals 003


$th Grade Ohlone Animals 004


$th Grade Ohlone Animals 005

Itzel J.

$th Grade Ohlone Animals 006


$th Grade Ohlone Animals 007


Posted on: December 17th, 2014



Help! A Fish Ate My Hand!

Cameera 5 7th 002 Cameera 5 7th 003 Cameera 5 7th 006 Cameera 5 7th 008


Seventh Graders took a look at the comic work of artist Demetri Martin which often includes drawings and photography. They each came up with a comic scenario of their own and worked in teams to photograph each other reacting to their drawing.  During the process they learned how to work a camera and called on their acting skills to make an appropriate facial expression.

El séptimo Grado vio la obra de arte del artista Demetri Martin que incluye dibujos y fotografía. Cada uno de ellos se acercó con un escenario comico de su propia y trabajaron en equipos para fotografiar a sí reaccionar a su dibujo. Durante el proceso que aprendieron cómo trabajar una cámara y pidió a sus habilidades de actuación para hacer una expresión facial adecuada.

Translation by Amy Tamayo DMA class of 2013

Posted on: November 20th, 2014



Spacescape with tonal graduations

In honor of the landing of the Philae craft on a comet, 6th graders made these wonderful spacescapes. They painted their alien suns and planet surfaces using a personal choice of two primary colors and white. Tonal graduations of color were created by slowly adding a color to white to make varying tints. Fun Fact: When scientists were asked what the prevailing color of the Universe is they concluded that it  is a warm beige.

En honor del aterrizaje de la nave de Philae en un cometa, 6º grado hizo estos maravillosos spacescapes. Pintaron sus soles de extraterrestres y superficies de planetas usando dos colores primarios y blanco. Graduaciones tonales de colores se crean añadiendo lentamente un color a blanco para hacer diferentes tintes. Dato curioso: Cuando se preguntó a los científicos lo que el color predominante del Universo es, llegaron a la conclusión de que es un beige cálido.
 Translation by Amy Tamayo DMA class of 2013



Tonal landscape 6th grade 001


Tonal landscape 6th grade 002


Tonal landscape 6th grade 003


Tonal landscape 6th grade 004


Posted on: November 20th, 2014