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Teachers focus on the development of foundational skills during an extended nine-hour school day, with extra instructional time given to reading, writing, English, and mathematics. Additional core courses include social studies, religion, science, music, physical education, health, and technology classes. Small class sizes and a 12:1 student to teacher ratio promote intensive, individualized attention.  Students also spend 30 minutes each morning in DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) to deepen the Language Arts curriculum. To help support student growth, all faculty participate in 20 professional development days that focus on curriculum development and research-based pedagogical strategies.

De Marillac’s holistic educational model provides extensive support to students, alumni, and their families. Services offered include on-site personal counseling, academic counseling, and the Graduate Support Program, which provides alumni with financial assistance for high school, guidance and personal counseling, tutoring services and college awareness and preparation activities. Additionally, monthly family workshops and the Family Leadership Council integrate family education and participation opportunities throughout the school year.