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On a typical Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at De Marillac Academy, visitors might feel the beats that pump out of a dance class, or smell the savory aroma from the nutritional cooking class. A few more steps through the building and they will be enthralled in a rock class, or snapping their fingers to the poems generated in the creative writing class. If visitors are adventurous enough to continue their tour, they can experience a computer programming class, a robotics club, DMA ambassadors, public speaking, theatre, cheerleading and much more. These classes, offered by faculty as well as community partners, such as Leah’s Pantry, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, The Cutting Ball Theater, The Center for New Music, UC Hastings, The Boys and Girls Club and Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, enhance curricular offerings to expose students to a variety of opportunities for them to explore. Through these courses, students build upon talents they possess and jump out of their comfort zone by gaining new experiences.

Students enhance their leadership potential through our Student Council and Campus Ministry. These opportunities offer select middle school students the opportunity to plan events and prayer services for the entire school community.

We are also proud to offer many musical opportunities to students. They can participate in two types of choir classes, violin, guitar and ukulele.