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Graduate Support

The Graduate Support Program provides alumni with intensive academic and personal support, financial assistance for high school, college and career advising, community referral services, tutoring services, and opportunities for volunteering and community-building. Extensive support to students, alumni and parents is an essential component of De Marillac’s dynamic educational model and our holistic approach is critical to the formation of the whole family.

Services and supports offered to alumni and their families match the different phases through which our graduates move along the pathway to educational and life success:

  1. High School Placement and Matriculation Phase (8th-9th Grade):  Individualized and comprehensive high school placement with the student and family occurs in 8th grade. Matriculation into 9th grade includes connecting student and family with various personal and academic supports, including community program referrals and college/career access programs. Those students who are more at-risk are given increased intensive weekly support and intervention.
  2. High School Success Phase (9th-12th Grade): Student and family continue to be monitored and supported through the collaboration of GSP, high school counseling teams and community organizations.  DMA alums are expected to perform academically, join co-curricular pursuits, fulfill a community service component and remain active in the De Marillac Academy community.  High school completion is achieved through earning a high school diploma, GED certificate or the equivalent. Students who are at-risk are contacted and supported weekly.
  3. Job Readiness and Post-Secondary Preparation Phase (11th-12th Grade):  Graduates and families are supported through the college application process and/or career/vocational program exploration and enrollment.  Special attention is given to graduates who are not enrolled in a post-secondary educational program, through counseling referrals, school visits, and career panels.  All enrolled students receive textbook support.  Graduates may also receive assistance with drafting resumes, practicing interview techniques, and learning financial literacy strategies.  Post-secondary completion is achieved through earning an Associates, Bachelors, vocational certificate, or obtaining gainful employment.
  4. Post-Secondary Success Phase (Post high school to 24 years old):  Graduates utilize GSP as a means to increase social capital or job referrals, with intensive support available on an as-needed basis. Graduates are invited and encouraged to attend opportunities for professional networking and community building events, teaching electives, or other opportunities that might arise at De Marillac to which they can contribute.