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Student & Family Services

When compared with other neighborhoods in San Francisco in terms of health and wellness, the Tenderloin ranks at or near the top in San Francisco for low birth weight, hospitalization for diabetes and alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDS, and household poverty rate. Our students deal with the same adolescent challenges others do, yet their experience of growing up in such an underserved environment only further stresses their academic and personal development.

Through our unparalleled counseling program, we are able to meet the unique needs of our community through the investment in quality counselors, academic specialists and a program director that offers the most comprehensive services of its kind to DMA students and families.

Aligned with the California Standards for School Counseling, our program:

  • -Engages, advocates for and supports all students in learning
  • -Plans, implements and evaluates programs to promote academic, career, personal and social development of all students
  • -Utilizes multiple sources of information to monitor and improve student behavior and achievement
  • -Collaborates and coordinates with school and community resources
  • -Promotes and maintains a safe learning environment for all students

 Counselors can help with:

  • – Academic Issues
  • – Peer Conflicts
  • – Skill Building
  • – Self Esteem
  • – Behavioral Issues
  • – Decision Making
  • – Anxiety
  • – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • – Anger
  • – Depression
  • – Divorce
  • – Grief & much more…

 Currently within our student body:

  • – 60% receives personal counseling
  • – 30% receives specialized academic support
  • – 20% has documented learning differences


De Marillac students have access to a variety of support services on and off campus. in order to encourage their growth academically, socially, and emotionally, students have access to: 

  • – Weekly Individual Counseling
  • – Group Counseling
  • – Crisis Intervention
  • – Educational Therapy
  • – Preventative Psycho-education
  • – Psycho-educational Testing
  • – Faculty/Staff Consultation
  •  – Family Intervention
  • – Specific Reading Intervention
  • – Speech & Language Therapy
  • – Occupational Therapy (Offsite)
  • – Referrals to outside resources

Family Programming

Collaboration and communication between the family and school is vital to the success of our students. Families are highly encouraged to call the school to make an appointment at any time during the school year with any questions or comments regarding their student. A family’s participation is essential in the student’s education. Recent studies show that families who are more involved in the educational process have more successful students. At De Marillac Academy, family participation includes but is not limited to:

  • – Attendance at mandatory family meetings 
  • – Attendance at student- family-teacher conferences
  • – Being actively involved in their student’s education
  • – Participation in our Family Council (optional)
  • – Involvement in school events, field trips, etc. (based on availability)

Family Council

To develop leadership for our parent community, De Marillac Academy has established a Family Council which meets monthly. This group size ranges from 8-12 families. In addition to attending the standard monthly meetings, they also advise our Principal and Director of Student & Family Services during regular meetings. The Family Council acts as a voice for the larger family community and offers recommendations to the school administration.

For more information contact our Director of Student & Family Services,
Ms. Alejandra Hernandez at 415-552-5220 x800

Counseling services are made possible in partnership with:


California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC)

  – Child Development Center & Department of Psychiatry

Saint Mary’s College of California (SMC)

  – Graduate Counseling Program

University of San Francisco (USF)

  – Center for Child and Family Development